Public viewing

You will be able to watch matches on big screens in calm indoor venues and stages. Furthermore, after sunset, you can watch dynamic matches on wall screens.


Chofu Station Square, Trie Keio Chofu B Hall (after sunset)
Indoor facilities (Chofu City Green Hall, Big Hall (2F), Small Hall (1F), tadsukuri, Creston Hotel *the venue will change depending on the day)

About numbered tickets


Rugby activity


Interact with top league players

You will be able to experience passing the ball with players and making tries using official balls. Experience the appeal of rugby firsthand.


Lifting Up

You will be able to actually experience lifting in a line-out (lifting people up).

Rugby consultation corner image

Rugby consultation corner

Saturdays and Sundays during the tournament and 9/20, 11/1

Please check the timetable for the detailed schedule of activities.


In addition to former Japanese national team members, different members from top Japanese teams will make appearances each day.
Additionally, live performances by musicians and comedians will liven up the venue.


Blouson Chiemi with B

Blouson Chiemi with B(Comedian)


Takuro Miuchi

Takuro Miuchi(Former Japan rugby national team captain)


Sakurako Ohara

Sakurako Ohara(Artist)

Please check the stage for details.


Popular Tokyo food trucks will appear!
You will also be able to enjoy original menus, with dishes from the countries of participating teams arranged as Japanese rice bowl dishes.

Roast beef bowl

Roast beef bowl

Grilled eel rice bowl

Grilled eel rice bowl

Chicken Kebab Rice

Chicken Kebab Rice



Charcoal grilled dango

Charcoal grilled dango

Ox tongue rice bowl

Ox tongue rice bowl

Communication area

There will be various attractions to enjoy such as period drama-type photo spots and traditional arts workshops.
There will also be booths from municipalities in the Tama district to publicize the various appeals of the area.

Regional PR booth image

Regional PR booth

Saturdays and Sundays during the tournament and 9/20, 11/1

Footbath image


9/20, 21, 22, 28, 29

Historical drama experience image

Historical drama experience

10/26, 27

Tokyo food tasting corner image

Tokyo food tasting corner

Saturdays and Sundays during the tournament and 9/20, 11/1

Haven artist image

Haven artist

9/22, 29, 10/12, 20
Appearance schedule

Festival beast experience image

Festival beast experience

10/19, 20

Chofu Dharma Workshop image

Chofu Dharma Workshop

10/12, 13

Shinsengumi experience image

Shinsengumi experience

10/5, 6, 12, 20, 11/1, 2

Sponsor booth

Jaguar Land Rover Japan

In addition to the Land Rover / RWC2019 wrapping vehicle exhibition, we are planning an experience game related to rugby.



This is a booth where you can shoot original backgrounds and composite videos. You can download the recorded video using your smartphone.

Composite video sample


A game that uses the world's best face recognition technology to score smiles.
Participants will receive an original origami with a smile photo.

Smile power game experience

NTT docomo

Experience docomo's 5G!
You can experience 5G such as multi-angle viewing and VR viewing.

5G experience

Download "NEC Translation Service"
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  • Free of charge(during RWC2019)
  • Ready for foreign audiences
  • Get value added sightseeing information
  • Service ID:RrNjPRtL

* The number of service ID is limited

*The content changes with each opening day.